4 Features of Dream Closets

Whether you are designing a new closet or simply organizing an existing one, you probably want the most dynamic space you can achieve. With walk-in closet design in Charlotte, NC, you can get the storage space of your dreams. Here are four features of epic walk-in closets.

1.Perfect Shape

When designing your dream walk-in closet, you should strive for the perfect shape. What constitutes an ideal shape, though, is different for everyone. Fortunately, there are a few options. L, U, and straight-shaped closets are the most popular. When designing your closet, think about how you will use it and try to maximize the space you have by choosing a functional shape.

2. A Dressing Counter

If you are looking for the most usable closet space possible, consider installing a dressing counter or island. Whether you need a place to put on makeup or simply put things down until you are ready for them, you will appreciate the versatility of the extra counterspace in your closet.

3. Furniture

If you can turn your regular closet into a livable space, you can combine your storage needs with your sanctuary desires. When you are thinking about walk-in closet design in Charlotte, NC, envision a spa-like place where you can get both your body and mind ready for the day. As such, try moving in a plush couch or an overstuffed chair.

4. Right Color

Gone are the days when closets were drab spaces. Nowadays, even in the closet, homeowners want a sophisticated, elegant paint scheme. When you are designing your dream closet, give additional thought to the right color. White strikes a clean, chic tone, while slate gray seems serious and refined. Either color, though, will make both you and your clothing shine.

Dream walk-in closets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. If you are looking for walk-in closet design in Charlotte, NC, you might consider adding these four features of dream closets.